Reservation information

To reserve your spot, e-mail Judy at

You can also call us at (859) 567-2161 with any questions. Once your reservation is processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Judy. Please print out that confirmation and bring it with you when you check in.

You can print this page out and mail it to us with your check or money order or you can download a Word document form at by clicking here

Include the following information in your reservation:

Your name: ___________________________________________________

Phone number (to verify any info we can't read on this form): ______________________________

The race you are attending: _______________________________________

The email address of the person making the reservation: ____________________________________________

Day of arrival: ____________________________

The number of sites you need to reserve: ______________

Type and size of camper or if you will be staying in a tent: ____________________________

Whether you plan to use a generator or would prefer the quiet section:________________________

No. of vehicles in your party (Included in your reservation is one tent with vehicle or one camper with vehicle per site. Additional vehicles are $10 per day and must be parked at your site -- Max 3 additional vehicles per camp site): ___________

Any special requests, such as a specific site you wish to reserve or any special needs you might need accommodated.



Payment method and amount: _____________________

Mail all payments to:

Edge of Speedway Campground

4125 Ky Hwy 1130

Sanders, Ky 41083

Important: Your site is not reserved until your payment is received. You can call ahead and advise us you are coming the day of the race, but only pre-paid reservations are guaranteed a site. We make every effort to accommodate all call-ins.